Prospective Partners

Research & Areas of Expertise

No research campus of any significance would be complete without active and ongoing R&D activities by both partners and the university researchers alike. Centennial Campus is no exception.

NC State's strategic research initiatives fall into four main areas: Health & Well-Being, Energy & Environment, Educational Innovation, and Safety & Security.

While partner companies and organizations on Centennial Campus run the gamut of scientific and technological diversity, several areas of research and development stand out, including smart grid technology, biotechnology and biomedical research, nanotechnology and advanced materials, environmental health, smart systems and information technology and innovative education.

To hear Centennial's researchers talk about their work in their own words, follow this link.

To learn more about how NC State researchers and campus partners are channeling their resources in each of these areas, click on the respective link. To learn more about NC State's strategic research initiatives, visit the Research Gateway.




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