• Appealing Products Inc. Receives Grant for Remote and Wireless Toxic Gas and Radiation Detector

    Imagine if workers at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan had remote and wireless detectors attached to their clothes that could have monitored radiation and toxic gas levels in real time. With that kind of information, supervisors could have instantly understood whether it was safe or too dangerous for the workers to continue. 

    That’s the premise behind a new group of products being developed by Appealing Products, Inc., (API) a technology incubator company located on Centennial Campus at NC State University. 

    The detectors are part of Appealing Products’ business strategy to provide remote and wireless toxic gas or radiation detectors to a wide array of users, including industrial and military customers. For example, Appealing Products recently won first place in the competition with 24 companies for funds from the NC Partnership for Defense Innovation (PDI) to develop novel technology that can be used in both civilian and military applications.

    “We are very excited about the potential of these products,” said Dr. A. J. Attar, CEO. “We believe we are on the cutting edge of applying nanolayer applications to solve real-world problems.”

    The monitors, called ChemSee, are simple, low-cost dosimeters that alert employees to excessive exposure via simple color changes. These dosimeters can be fixed to an employee's lapel, or hung on a wall to monitor room conditions.  Electronic readers, which allow for quantitative analysis and record keeping, are available for clients who require regular or continuous monitoring. The monitors can detect such chemicals as chlorine, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrazine, ammonia and nitrogen dioxide. Appealing Products has several patents pending surrounding the technology. 

    Dr. Attar says he anticipates the prototype to be in the market in about 3-4 months after testing and miniaturization. Several countries besides the United States have expressed an interest in the product, including China, Indonesia and South Korea. The company will spend the next few months making the detectors more rugged for the U.S. military. The PDI grant will help the company add 50 jobs.

    About Appealing Products

    Appealing Products, Inc. (API) has developed products in the areas of forensics, toxic gas and liquid detection, detection of trace explosives, detection of poisons in food and personal protection from toxic materials. 

    API also offers consulting on a variety of subjects, ranging from the evaluation of new ventures, industrial hygiene, forensics, general questions in chemistry and chemicals utilization, materials utilization, and detection of chemicals. Small simple questions in chemistry or materials may be posed in the area below.  For more information, call (919) 515-0742 or visit the company’s website at 


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