• Centennial Campus Adds New Partner -- GridBridge

    GridBridge, a company that intends to modernize the electrical grid, therefore avoiding costly overhauls that would ultimately result in rate increases to consumers, has become the latest partner on Centennial Campus.

    GridBridge, Inc. was formed in early 2012 to team with FREEDM Systems Center in conducting complimentary research that will ultimately lead to commercialized products utilizing power electronics in the electric utility distribution automation space.

    The founders combine expertise with electric utility products, world-renowned proficiency in advanced technology, and executive-level experience. 

    Located in the Research II building, the company is one of NC State's Fast 15 companies. Fast 15 was created by the Office of Technology Transfer to foster growth in startup and early-stage companies that have ties to the university's technology. 

    January 14, 2013


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