• Daugherty Endowment Awardees Named for 2015

    A North Carolina State University endowment fund established to bridge pure research and product commercialization for entrepreneurs has awarded grants to 10 new promising companies based on university intellectual property.

    The Richard L. and Marlene V. Daugherty Centennial Campus Endowment for Entrepreneurship has awarded $3,500 to each company, and the money will be used to help the startups build collaborations with partners and investors, hire service providers such as attorneys, and drive business development activities.

    The companies are: Precision Diagnostics, Textilescents, Lumeova, Clave Biodesign, Intelligent Campus solutions, CompletErgo, “Jungle”, People-First Tourism, Nine Oak Media, and International Technology Systems Transfer.

    The companies vary in their technologies and business plans. For example, Precision Diagnostics aims to develop controlled release “smart” bandages to aid the healing of burn and incision wounds. Meanwhile, People-First Tourism aims to be a web-based marketplace where micro-entrepreneurs sell tourism experiences to visitors.

    Other concepts include an educational mobile app that teaches the basics of horse ownership (Nine Oak Media); an invention that will extract common impurities in combustion products, such as carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur (International Technology Systems Transfer); an herb infused bag that regenerates aromatherapy garments via conventional clothes dryer (Textilescents); and technology that improves wireless charging times in portable electronic devices (Lumeova).

    Also being funded is a new imaging approach for targeting cancer tumors (Clave Biodesign); the development of a native app to help improve collegiate student outcomes (Intelligent Campus Solutions); a web-based office ergonomics data management system (CompletErgo); and a fast acting, nontoxic insect repellent (“Jungle”).

    These early stage investments pay off. For example, more than $3 million in investment, grants or sales was generated in 2014 by last year’s awardees. In addition, four companies from last year’s group have products on the markets, two companies are now tenants at the NC State Technology Incubator, and four awardees were selected to attend the prestigious Council for Entrepreneurial Development’s TECHVenture conference.

    The endowment is named after the retired IBM executive, who ran the company’s RTP operations for 23 years, and his wife. Daugherty is a trustee of the Kenan Institute at NC State, as well as a board member for NC State’s Entrepreneurship Initiative. Daugherty was also Director of the Research Corporation for NC State’s Centennial Campus and board member of Progress Energy. He received the North Carolina Public Service Award in 1991 and the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce’s A.E. Finley Award in 1994. In 2014 Daugherty was named to the Raleigh Hall of Fame.



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