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  • Campus Bike Share Is Here

    NC State Transportation has launched a pilot bike share program with LimeBike, a bike share service that will provide NC State's campus with 300 public bikes available for short-term rental.

    To rent a LimeBike for 30 minutes, NC State students, faculty, staff and Centennial Campus Partners pay just 50 cents--half the rate charged to the general public.

    There is no kiosk docking station so bikes can be ridden anywhere and parked at any bike rack or designated bike parking area throughout campus.

    Use the LimeBike app to locate the nearest bike, unlock the bike from the rack and relock the bike when you’ve finished your ride. To get started, download and sign into the app using your university email address. Your initial $5 deposit is refundable if you decide not to use the service.

    Centennial Campus Partners can use the promo code "gopack" to receive five free rides as well as to access the NC State discounted rate.

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