Fermentology Miniseminars: Novel Misos

How do microbial communities change as fermentation techniques move around the world? What happens when people mix far-flung traditions and local ingredients in new ways in new places for new flavors? Join us for a discussion with Josh Evans, a […]

Campus Conversations Project: Free Speech, Hate Speech and Campus Life

Trained student volunteers from the Campus Conversation Project will facilitate a discussion on free speech, hate speech and campus life. This session is for current NC State students. No prior preparation is required to participate in the conversation, but come […]

A/V Geeks at the Hunt Library: Let’s Talk About Work

Join A/V Geeks founder and NC State alumnus Skip Elsheimer and David Zonderman, professor and head of the Department of History at NC State, as they screen and discuss a selection of vintage educational films about workers and the work […]

Innovation Studio Launch

Please join the NC State University Libraries (virtually) as we launch the Innovation Studio, our newest learning space. You’ll get a taste of our teaching program in a fun, interactive exercise in “futures thinking” and hear about our exhibits featuring […]

Fermentology Miniseminars: Tasting the History of Wine and Cheese

In this short seminar, Charles Ludington, a historian of both wine and cheese, teams up with a chemist and a neuroscientist to describe key aromas that distinguish notable wines and cheeses and the history of those aromas. In doing so, […]

Campus Conversations Project: The Opportunity Gap Primary Tabs

Trained student volunteers from the Campus Conversation Project will facilitate a discussion on the opportunity gap. This session is open to students, faculty and staff. No prior preparation is required to participate, but come prepared to respectfully listen and share. […]

Coffee and Viz: Data Showing: Communicating Visually With Your Reader in Mind

Visualizations created for nontechnical experts or to communicate to everyday readers require different presentation models than those used in the scientific realms. Building on her work as co-principal investigator of Data Stories, an Institute for Emerging Issues-supported project on mapping […]

Sharing Our Streams

After spending the bulk of 2020 in front of Zoom, many of us have been thinking about how the virtual platforms we choose for communication influence the way we interact. Students from Nicholas Taylor's Ludic Networks course are taking the […]