James B. Hunt Jr. Library Tour

Student are invited to a virtual tour of the James B. Hunt Jr. Library via Zoom. During the tour, students will learn about everything from how the bookBot works to how to check out textbooks and reserve group study rooms. […]

Fermentology Miniseminars: The Evolution of Fermentation by Primates


Katie Amato is a biological anthropologist studying interactions between diet, physiology and the gut microbiome in nonhuman primates and humans. Her evolutionary perspective on host-microbe interactions has recently led her into the world of fermented foods. Fermented food consumption is […]

Fermentology Miniseminars: Novel Misos

How do microbial communities change as fermentation techniques move around the world? What happens when people mix far-flung traditions and local ingredients in new ways in new places for new flavours? Joshua Evans, a doctoral candidate in geography and the […]

Q&A With NC State Libraries on Instagram

The NC State University Libaries will host a Q&A on Instagram. The purpose of the Q&A is to inform patrons about how the libraries will support campus in the fall. You'll hear about additional services we're providing and modifications we're […]