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Partners collaborating at NC State.


Centennial Campus is a launchpad for new solutions — and new ventures, new jobs and prosperity for all.

The University Partner of Choice

At NC State, we know the modern university can’t afford to be an ivory tower. That’s why everything we do works to improve the lives of everyday people. On our Centennial Campus, we invite leading industry, government and nonprofit partners to join us in that mission.

They come here — or work with us remotely — because Centennial is an unbeatable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, fully embedded in the academic life of NC State. And because we’re nimble, straightforward and understand their needs.

Welcome to a proving ground like no other:

  • 70 partners call Centennial Campus home
  • 5,600 employees work at those companies
  • 1,500 students hired as interns or full-time employees by Centennial partners
  • 70% of our partners come from industry
  • 16,000 people cross Centennial Campus each day
A student works on a server.

Rethinking the Future of Fibers

Under Armour has opened an innovation center on Centennial Campus, where employees will work alongside our university researchers and talented students to advance textile and materials innovation.

Two students walk down a runway during Art2Wear.

Why Partner With NC State?

Centennial Campus offers an extraordinary value proposition to our partners: proximity to talent, technology and the entire East Coast.

NC State is the largest university in a four-state region, and one of the nation’s pre-eminent research enterprises. We’re experts in everything from big data to self-powered health monitoring to nuclear nonproliferation and advanced manufacturing.

When you work with us, you gain access to established and emerging talent — and to smart, efficient research and development opportunities in world-class facilities. We’re a national leader in commercialization that can get your idea off the ground and help bring it to market.

Two people working at the Constructed Facilities Lab.

$6.5 Billion

Each year, NC State adds $6.5 billion to the statewide economy, equivalent to creating more than 90,000 new jobs.

North Carolina’s Economic Engine

Centennial Campus draws millions of outside dollars to North Carolina each year. As industry and government partners invest here, those funds pay dividends to the state in the form of jobs, business income and tax revenue. And as Centennial’s reputation grows, so does the value of an NC State degree for our more than 220,000 living alumni.

Each year, leaders from around 50 universities and municipalities tour the campus so they can learn from its success in fueling local economies. And Centennial is a global name, too. From the world’s largest biomanufacturing education center to a pioneering nonwoven textile research institute, Centennial puts North Carolina on the international map.

Most of the companies and initiatives on Centennial Campus have a direct impact on the lives of citizens across the state — from shaping the future of agriculture to revolutionizing refrigeration in rural hospitals.