Fermentology Miniseminars: Spices in Mesopotamian Food

The world’s oldest culinary recipes exist in the form of clay tablets from ancient Babylonia dating to the 18th century BC. In this talk, Patricia Jurado, Gojko Barjamovic and Pia Sörensen, all of whom work at Harvard University, will discuss […]

Statistics Power Half-Hour

Statistics Power Half-Hour is open to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of statistics. Join Emily Griffith, a research associate professor of the Department of Statistics, for a series of short online discussions on the following topics: Power and […]

A/V Geeks at the Hunt Library: The Germs You Spread

Join A/V Geeks founder and NC State alumnus Skip Elsheimer and Cristina Lanzas, an assistant professor of infectious disease in the Department of Population Health and Pathobiology, for a selection of vintage films about how the transmission of diseases and […]

Winning the War for Talent and Technology

Winning the War for Talent and Technology: Creating Successful Corporate Partnerships with University Research Parks Through University Career Centers, Corporate Relations and Research Development Offices Leading corporations are increasingly looking to build high-impact partnerships with universities -- focused on talent […]

Fermentology Miniseminars: The Sourdough Club

Rob Dunn, a professor of applied ecology, and Vanessa Kimbell, founder of The Sourdough School, invites you to join them for a wide-ranging conversation about sourdough and the microbiome, fermentation in the modern and ancient kitchen and much more. The […]

Coffee and Viz: Visualizing a Chilean Journey

In this online presentation, Laura Tateosian from NC State’s Center for Geospatial Analytics will use data extracted from geotagged images from a journey to Chile to demonstrate popular geospatial-temporal visualization techniques. Tateosian will challenge the audience to think about new […]

A/V Geeks at the Hunt Library: Last Time We Were Green: Clean Energy

Join NC State alumnus and A/V Geeks founder Skip Elsheimer and representatives from the University Sustainability Office for a screening and discussion of vintage educational films about alternative energy sources. The film screening is part of NC State's Energy Week.

Energy Systems Modeling With High Performance Computing Resources

Join Joseph DeCarolis, an associate professor in the Department of Construction, Civil and Environmental Engineering at NC State, as he highlights ongoing work using Tools for Energy Model Optimization and Analysis, an open-source energy system optimization model developed at NC […]