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Centennial’s New Innovation District

The planned 30-acre, mixed-use innovation development will expand Centennial Campus’ three-decade success story.

Space to Learn, Work and Play

More than 30 years ago, NC State set forth on a mission to create a different kind of research campus — one where private companies could work side by side with university researchers and students to solve societal challenges, develop businesses to drive our state’s economy and create a national model for successful public-private research partnerships.

Now, we’re embarking on the newest chapter for NC State’s Centennial Campus: expanding the innovation ecosystem through the development of a 30-acre urban, mixed-use innovation development that will further our decadeslong “live-learn-work-play” vision.

Overview of the Planned Development

  • The future development will supplement the existing innovation ecosystem on Centennial Campus in support of NC State’s education, research and statewide outreach mission. This project will also provide ample new amenities to serve the university community as well as partners on Centennial.
  • The project will offer state-of-the-art office and lab space, apartments and amenity spaces, creating a critical mass of activity and expanding the impact of campus innovation.The district is planned to be developed in phases over the next decade or more.
The exterior of the NC State Plant Sciences Building.
NC State’s state-of-the-art Plant Sciences Building opened its doors in 2022. In the future, the planned innovation district will neighbor the building and offer ample additional research and innovation space on Centennial Campus.

Our Progress So Far

  • In 2018, the NC State Board of Trustees of the Endowment Fund selected Lincoln Harris, in partnership with Goldman Sachs Asset Management, as its developer-partner for this project, following a competitive selection process.
  • Lincoln Harris has developed a master plan for the project which is aligned with the mission of Centennial Campus and NC State’s vision of a vibrant, active innovation environment where academia and industry work side by side.
  • Lincoln Harris has filed for project permits with the City of Raleigh for roadways, sidewalks and pedestrian focused site amenities.
New roadways, sidewalks, plantings and street furniture will set the stage for an active and vibrant environment within the new innovation district.
A pedestrian environment within the innovation district will create opportunities for academia and industry to create connections outside of the office or lab and build lasting relationships.

The zoning modernization for Centennial Campus paved the way for the innovation district development.

What’s Coming Next

An aerial, illustrated view of plans for the innovation district on Centennial Campus. "Block 07", a planned building next to the Plant Sciences Building, is labeled.
The new development’s site plan has been designed to reflect a more urban look and feel and to provide a critical mass of activity that will strengthen NC State’s role as an educational and economic engine for the city, region and state.

Lincoln Harris has initiated the permitting process for the first building in the planned innovation district: a science- and technology-focused building to be located on “Block 07,” immediately to the north of NC State’s Plant Sciences Building.

The six-story building will feature approximately 350,000 square feet of flexible lab and research and development space, including approximately 20,000 square feet of first-floor high-bay space. Parking will be available in the adjacent deck (to be constructed on “Block 04”).

A rendering of the Block 07 building shows an exterior with a mix of steel, wood and greenery  — and plenty of space for gathering.
The planned science- and technology-focused building will feature architecture that celebrates the innovative environment on Centennial Campus and creates a vibrant and engaging space within the Innovation District.
Another view of the exterior of the Block 07 building shows ample seating for members of the Centennial community to gather and connect.

To learn more, contact NC State’s Office of Real Estate and Development at